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Online Language Lessons

A practical and flexible opportunity to cultivate your education, anywhere


Online Language Lessons: anytime, anywhere

It is possible to attend all our language courses at a distance, using online platforms such as Skype, Viber,Telephone, eMail.


The distance courses are an excellent and flexible solution for your daily Conversation Practice.


The choice of the channel (Skype, Viber, Phone or eMail) and arrangements will be agreed with the student depending on his/her needs and goals.


Online Language Lessons english italian russian


Practical, Flexible and Focused

The online courses are individual, very interactive and effective because of our experience that we have gained in this form of the lesson. You need only the desire to study a foreign language and a high speed of Internet connection. You can test the quality of connection and meet with the teacher in a test lesson, the duration is 30 min.


This type of the lesson has many practical advantages: it is possible to follow the lessons in the conditions and time most suitable for you, directly from your home, office, college or any other place that you like!


Online Language Lessons english italian russian


Online lessons allow the students and businessmen to learn in the comfort of the own space and eliminate the travel time, cost and hassle of getting to and from a location.


Two types of the lessons are available: totally at a distance and mixed (a combination of the lessons in the presence and at a distance).


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