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Bilingualism means understanding and expressing yourself in two languages, and being able to convey your thoughts clearly in both on a very high level.


The program of Bilingualism development is child-oriented.

It is a routine way and a long term, designed to widely and constantly expose children to a new language, giving them enough time to learn and to practice new words and grammatical constructions.


Bilingualism english russian


The knowledge of several languages is an advantage for the formation of the child and his/her future opportunities. Learning since childhood is easier and creates the predisposition for learning further languages in adulthood.


An important contribution to the ability to acquire linguistic flexibility is given with the study and practice of a Second Language which is very different from the Mother Tongue Language.


Our Program

For English and Russian, we offer the language courses focusing on developing bilingualism.

These courses are aimed at children in the age group between 4 and 7 years old .

Being oriented on children, this continuous language course will be structured in such a way as to be pleasant and natural experience.


Bilingualism english russian


The high goals of the course can be achieved by means of frequent meetings during which the children will be totally immersed in the new language. In particular, the two basic formulas that we propose are:

  • one-hour appointment, five days a week, six-month
  • two-hours appointment, three days a week, six-month


The strict observance of the system is fundamental for achieving success.

This course includes the supply of additional educational materials for home use.


We are available to consider your personal suggestions according to your specific goals.


Bilingualism english russian


Our approach

Our approach is based on the observation of some specific factors of success

  • The beginning of the course in pre-school age
  • The course presented under the game
  • Full immersion in the new language context (games, songs, exercises)
  • The paradigm of “one Person – one Language”
  • Accurate observation of the routine of the course events
  • Support of education in the family context


For more details on language courses, for general information and for current offers, please contact us.