The Teaching Method

We know how to deal with learning and we will be by your side to face and overcome difficulties


The First Steps

A foreign language is a fortress to be assaulted from all the sides simultaneously. As you will see yourself, from the first lesson we will begin to assault the language step by step, getting closer to your goal.


We’ll help you to define in your mind a precise linguistic pattern that gradually will become clear. The knowledge that you acquire during the course will not be scattered randomly, but neatly arranged in this frame of mind, ready for use.


Teaching Method english italian russian



We know your difficulties and we will face them together

Experience has taught us that whoever faces the study of a foreign language performs a set of recurring problems, which can be summarized in:

  • difficulty in using the correct grammatical structures
  • difficulty in understanding the foreign speech
  • ability to express themselves in a language but slowly with many pauses and frequent errors


Teaching Method english italian russian


Our method is designed to counteract these defects (weak points) immediately, aiming to form a solid definition of the language grammar model, so as to afford you to build articulated and correct sentences, by stacking the words as if they were beads on a string grammar.


Our Principles

Our motto is:“If your goal is to speak a foreign language, then it’s time to begin to speak it!”


During the lessons you will not have the opportunity to stay silent: our exercises will help you to overcome the inhibition to speak in a foreign language and the fear of making mistakes. The atmosphere of the lessons is always friendly and pleasant, as to help you to stay focused on the learning language.


Teaching Method english italian russian


Our teaching method will give you the necessary language skills to allow you to face the real situations.


Your progress is always under control

Together we will monitor your progress through the language tests in order to give you constantly an objective measure of your progress.

The result of these tests also allows us to refine, if necessary, the way of learning.


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