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Conversation Practice

Enrich your vocabulary and make your conversation fluent


Natural, Relaxed and Easy Conversation

Both in the employment and in the private context, it is important to create a positive, successful and efficient image in order to make a good impression.

The ability to keep up with the conversation and richness of the language play a major role in achieving this goal.


conversation practice italian english russian


If you are interested in achieving more natural, confident and easy conversation, then we have designed for you a specific method with packages of lessons focused on this goal.

The lessons improve your communication skills, give you the ability to speak correctly in a foreign language without making long pauses in the conversation and reduce the time required to formulate the sentences.

For your daily conversation practice, the online courses are an excellent and flexible solution.


conversation practice italian english russian



For your conversation practice we offer two different types of solutions:

  • Monthly packages: predefined date and time. Basic package from 2 hours per week up to 12 hours per week (intensive course).
  • Open packages: flexible choice of dates and time to be agreed with the teacher. Discounts are available when purchasing more than 10 hours of lessons.


We are available to define personalised courses to best fit your specific objectives.


conversation practice italian english russian


For more details on the language courses, for general information and for current offers, please contact us!
We would like to offer you a free consultation to define the best way of achieving your language goal.