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My experience for getting an English teaching job in Italy!

English is definitely the number one needed language in Italy, for both kids and adults. You have to do your best to find a job in Italy.

1.The first thing you will need is a professional international certification. In Italy the most recognized TEFL qualification are the CELTA and the CertTESOL which are accredited by the University of Cambridge ESOL and Trinity College London.

2. Have your resume/CV and cover letter translated both in English and Italian.

3. Make up a list of all schools from your city (google will help you) and send your CV. It’s even better to go to schools directly in-person to inquire about teaching opportunities and, of course, don’t forget to leave your CV and cover letter.

4. Use LinkedIn. Prepare a crisp, detailed summery of your experience including achievements. Add your website that showcases your work. Add other teachers from your city and write them a letter asking about teaching possibilities. Most of them will answer you.

5 Tutoring websites. Choose the ones you like, for example, pronto ripetizione. Start by creating a profile and specify your skills. You can teach online or some students come to your home.

6. Promote your business. It’s time to advertise your services. You can advertise by distributing fliers, using social networks, creating your own groups in Facebook, Instagram.

You can visit the nearest schools, colleges and universities and ask the administration to place your ads where your potential students and their parents can see it: noticeboards in the hall or in the libraries, in campus, cafes.

7. InterNations community. Join this community, add the teachers from your city and get helpful advice from your fellow colleagues.

8.Try to meet other local English teachers and learn as much as you can from them about the local job market.

9.Tell all your friends, relatives and neighbors about your services. Who knows maybe some of them is looking for a professional teacher?
The article is based on my own experience and it works! What are you doing to find an English teaching job ?

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