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A foreign language for teenagers

Most teens learn a foreign language because of their parents’ wish. The reputation of this group of students is the most challenging. Teaching these students pushed me to be a better educator and a more compassionate person. Among my students – teenagers there are only 3 girls with a huge thirst for knowledge of the languages, all the others were without any desire to engage in learning.
In my opinion, I found interesting tasks but the students participated sluggishly. That’s why I was troubled. Thinking a bit about this situation, I have changed the lesson plan and the approach to it!


1. Consider the interests and hobbies. If a student is interested in the aircraft or the myths of ancient Greece, you should include this topic in the lesson! Nowadays the Internet is full of resources, it’s quite easy to find the material.
2. Get your students to contribute their own ideas to lessons.
3. Never make a promise that you are not sure you can keep! When we fail to keep a promise, it communicates to our students that we don’t value them!
4. Praise the students when they deserve it!
5. Do not be afraid of teaching slang! The teens will appreciate it.
6. Avoid the routine rhythm of the lesson, add more creative tasks.

7. Speak foreign language with the students not only at the lesson but also before the lesson, during the breaks. Ask them about the weather, their friends or breakfast.
8. The way of presenting material is very important. The student will be more willing to engage in learning if you read the article from the real magazine or watch the video of the famous show or film.
9.The students must know grammar but do not turn the lesson into an endless series of grammatical exercises! It’s annoying even for the teacher!
10. Make your students feel worthwhile.

11. A Key part of your success is creating a positive atmosphere.

12. Teenagers are always interested in the personality of the teacher, so be prepared for unexpected questions!

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