the Day of Family, Love and Faithfulness

The Day of Saint Peter and Saint Fevronia (Russian: День Святых Петра и Февроньи / Den’ Svyatyh Petra i Phevronii) also known as the Day of Family, Love and Faithfulness (Russian: День семьи, любви и верности / Den’ sem’i lyubvi i vernosti), the Orthodox patrons of marriage, was officially introduced in Russia in 2008.


Duke Peter was the second son of Duke Yuri Vladimirovich of Murom. A few years before Peter’s principality he became seriously ill that no one could cure him.
Fevronia was a beautiful and wise woman, she knew the properties of herbs and could cure ailments. The prince fell in love with Fevronia and vowed to marry her after the healing. The girl cured the duke but he did not keep his word. Then again he was defeated by the disease and Fevronia cured him once again. And this time the duke married the girl.


Peter and Fevronia took the vows in various monasteries and asked God to die in one day. Peter and Fevronia died each in his cell in a one day and hour – on 8 July 1228.

But people have recognized the wicked to bury the monks in one coffin and have broken the will of the dead: their bodies were placed in the different realms. The very next day they miraculously were found side by side. And the spouses were buried together in the city of Murom at the cathedral church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin.

Since that time the history of Peter and Fevronia is the embodiment of the unquenchable love and every year on 8 July the Orthodox Church celebrates the memory of Saints Peter and Fevronia

Every year the popularity of this holiday has been growing. Its symbol is a white daisy, the most common flower at this time of the year in Russia, which symbolizes love and fidelity.


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