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Learners’ expectations from their teachers of foreign languages

The first thing that I thought about is a miracle! The students want to speak, to read, to write, to listen to the songs of Bryan Adams, Madonna, etc and to understand everything in a month!

As you know, for achieving the result (a miracle!), we must make an effort, including on the part of the student! It’s not enough just to want to study; you need to know exactly why you need a foreign language. Those who learn the language just because “one day it can be useful, it’s a shame not to know it, because I’m not old yet” study it slowly and very inefficiently.



Secondly, the organization of educational process, it is a choice of textbooks, topics, grammar range. I’m always glad when my students offer me their ideas, the books they want to read or an article for discussion, videos that can be viewed together.


Thirdly, obtaining useful knowledge! I’ve just remembered the words of one joke: ”Whether English people use these expressions in real life now or the only one who used them was Shakespeare in his century”.


Fourthly, unusual or non-standard organization of the lesson. Be sure to change the scheme of the lesson to avoid routine. Nowadays it’s not enough to be a professional. Often the student is waiting for more than quality teaching.


Fifthly, respect and support. Not for everyone studying a foreign language is easy; people can have a lot of duties: work, family, a cat or a dog with which they need to go for a walk. So, time for study is very limited. I remember one of my students, who studied English from 20.00 to 22.00. She was studying it with such curiosity that one could have thought that English was her passion. As it turned out, my words of support were very important to her. As soon as I say “Well done!”, she broke into a smile and was ready for new exploits. Later she told me that no one ever praised her at home and at work that’s why the English lesson turned out for her into a holiday! Well, don’t forget to praise your students but not overpraise!



Finally, the result! If you study hard and still mark time on the verb to be, it means that you only pretend to study diligently or your teacher isn’t competent. After each lesson you should have a result, you must learn something new! With each lesson you must make a progress!

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