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Language Certifications

Certify your linguistic maturity differentiates you and opens up new opportunities


Certification of language skills is significant.

There are many situations where the mere knowledge of a foreign language is not enough but you must have an official certification that attests the high level.

The possession of these certifications is an expendable advantage in many situations, for example:

  • It is a competitive differentiator in the labor market
  • It is an access to prestigious Universities
  • It is a requirement for Immigration


Our language courses

The preparation for a certification exam is divided into different stages.

In order to maximize the probability of your success, our preparation courses cover not only language training but also all aspects related to the context of an exam, such as:

  • organizational aspect;
  • methodological aspect;
  • practical aspect;


These aspects are not to be underestimated. Examiners of the Evaluation Commissions constantly emphasize in their articles that often examinees do not know the types of the tasks and exam structure, in this case there is the loss of many valuable points.


Our commitment, in addition to the language training, is to put you in the position of being able to fully express (show all your skills) and to obtain a certification of the level you deserve.


Select the language of your interest and find out the types and details of the available courses!

For more details on the language courses, for general information and for current offers, please, contact us! We are available to hear your language Goal and we offer you a free consultation to define together the best way to achieve it.