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Language courses for Students

The foreign language is compulsory studying in many schools and it is an opportunity for your future.


In Milan (Italy), we offer students English, Italian and Russian language courses.

We have developed different courses for your needs and they are available during the hours and days most convenient for you.


The importance of a foreign language

There are many professional situations, recreational and cultural activities where the knowledge of a language is essential. In addition to being compulsory school subject, foreign language opens up new opportunities to:

  • prestigious Universities;
  • high Education;
  • business intership;
  • public work;
  • travel in foreign countries;
  • study holiday.


Language courses for Students


We offer a range of the language courses at your service to support you in your goals and your progress in school and university.


Classical courses

Individual: available at all levels; you will improve your English skills for study, work and daily use.

Practice of conversation: If you have already knowledge of a language but lack of opportunities to practice.

Standard Course: 20-hour-per -week course, from Monday to Friday in mini groups, 4 hours per day, you will have a chance to study a language in Milan and have fun after the study.


Language courses for Students

Courses in special timetable

Weekend: If you are busy during the weekdays but you have a desire to study a language, we can afford you weekend days.

Full immersion 10 days (8 ore): this course will allow you to be deeply involved in the process of studying the language; it suits for all people who need the language “right now”, you will achieve your aim in a very short period.


Language courses for Students

Courses in groups

Mini-group (2-3 persons): it is a good chance to study a language with other students or with your friends with the same level of knowledge.

Groups (more than 3 persons): you will have a chance to interact with other people during the lesson, do projects together, it will help you to overcome shyness and discover leadership qualities.


Language courses for Students

And others…

Online: one of the best ways to study a language at home or at office. Nothing will prevent you from studying, neither bad weather, nor traffic jams. Find out details.

Preparation for certifications: intended for those who want to take exams. You will improve language skills, including grammar, vocabulary, speaking, listening, reading and writing, as well as exam skills. Find out details.


Analysis of the Goals, the Level of Knowledge and Progress

During the first interview we will analyse your learning objectives and your level of knowledge, to define better the structure of the course and the most suitable teaching method for you. This consulation is free and not demanding the continuation of the course.


For more details on the language courses, for general information and for current offers please contact us!